The Whole World Sings For Earth Day!

Although Earth Day started in the USA in 1962 founded by US Senator Gaylord Nelson, the concept of caring for the Earth and living greener is becoming more and more important in every country of the world each year.  In April 2011, I launched a blog to ask people how they were caring for the Earth and received a landslide of replies from almost two dozen countries including Pakistan, Jordan, Russia, Spain, Mexico, Hungary and the Virgin Islands.  In return, I offered them a free all green copy of my cd called “DARIA Sings For Earth Day”.  And several friends offered free posters, books and other earth-friendly activities.  (Please feel free to get your own copy of any of these at or

In the process of sharing this Earth-friendly music around the world, I also found out about other activities where people were blending a concern for the earth and living green with music and the arts. In England, a movement called Sing For The Earth (Families For A Safer Climate Future) caught the attention of the BBC, The Guardian and the English GreenTV.  Their website is a great place to see what kids and families can do to make a difference and how their pictures and statements can be used to influence world leaders on the importance of sustainability and climate change.  Their website even has special calculator designed to calculate the carbon footprint a person creates.  Also, from their website, you can watch their Youtube video and see the songs they have written and the actions they are taking to make a difference in this critical issue.

I also learned about a woman from North Carolina, named Susan Elizabeth Hale, who had the idea that people could use their voice to connect with nature and sing for trees.  She describes what she did as a “single idea planted with hope” as a call on Facebook in 2010.  Since she was keenly aware of what the human voice could do, she felt that singing could be a powerful tool for both the singers and the trees that it reached.  The response was overwhelming – she received over 3,000 responses from 39 countries and 30 states from people who took the time to appreciate and sing for trees.  You can find out about her Earth Day Sing For Trees in the links below.

Can music and the arts change our future?  It sure can!  If you know of a way that music or art is being used to create a brighter future, please let me know.  I’d like to share it with others in this blog as we all raise our voices for Earth Day and every day.  There has never been a better time to respect, appreciate and sing for the Earth!


DARIA Sings For Earth Day – Get This Green CD Free!

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Sing For The Earth (Families For A Safer Climate Future) Message To The Public

Earth Day Sing For The Trees


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