A New Video Website, Multicultural Kids Music Vid’s, Shares Music and World Cultures With Kids

Many parents and teachers are concerned about finding great spots for kids to enjoy on the internet and how to avoid colorful or inappropriate content. So if a parent or educator wants to share music, entertainment and world culture with their young child, what are their best choices? Although several positive music and video websites for children exist – such as Kideos and Jitterbug, one award-winning children’s performer has also created a great space dedicated to world music called Multicultural Kids Music Vid’s (http://multikidsmusicvids.com). It’s a family-friendly place to experience world cultures through music, dance, instruments and related high quality animations and videos. In addition, viewers are invited to suggest videos and win a free multicultural children’s music cd if their choice is selected as an “Add”.

Featuring Videos From Around The World, You Never Know What You'll Find On Multicultural Kids Music Vids!

Created by 5 time award-winning children’s performer DARIA (Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou), this site now has videos from a variety of sources in over 20 languages and adds new ones approximately every two weeks. From popular bilingual songs in Spanish and English to animations of children’s rhymes from India, travel videos of Africa, Turkish lullabyes and a series of silly gummy bear videos, the site shares a rainbow of world cultures as expressed through their music and cultural traditions. In addition, there are generally one inspiring or silly video per new installment and “how-to” videos about instruments that can be found around the world or kids who have created or perform on instruments in new or unique ways.

For complete information on Multicultural Kids Music Vid’s, visit http://multikidsmusicvids.com. For more on website creator, DARIA, visit her website at www.dariamusic.com, follow her on Twitter (dariasmusic) or visit her DARIA MUSIC Facebook Fan Page.

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